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Original Oil Paintings, Pastels, Watercolors and Additional Mediums in Michigan.

Strokes of perfection!

Aesthetically Pleasing Artworks in Michigan

Living most of her life in New York City, Nancy Edington is an artist of many talents that now resides in Michigan. She creates works of art through painting, drawing, watercolor, pastel, sculpture and mixed media. Each original piece of art is a story full of life, color and emotion. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Edington Art

Finding the True Meaning of Art

Art is unveiling the mystery of the story through the mastery of painting and creating images that communicate to open the minds and hearts of the viewers. A series of faces are sculpted from the fluidity of the watercolor. It is as if each of them was born out of the white page from pure, clear water and color.

The process of creation is a journey that takes us beyond our thoughts and opens up a new human experience. The slow hand works to catch a heart, quick in its choice of meaning. What firm marks reveal and order, the mind feels while the drawing forms those inward places opened by the line as it moves. Art is all about feeling everything and then putting it all onto a blank canvas.

Edington Art
Edington Art

Inspiration Behind My Art

My oil pastels are drawn from personal events and genuine feelings. They are highly charged with personal reminiscence and a wealth of possible associations. My works talk about love and death, about imprisonment and flight, and also about experiences of relationships, physical closeness, and physical distance.

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